Possible sundials

For many croatian sundials there is a lack of information or photographs in the catalog. For other sundials there are only indications of their existence. Below you can find a list of unconfirmed croatian sundials.

How can You help?

If you are in the vicinity of places from the list below, it would be helpfull if you could check if there really is a sundial and inform me by e-mail. If you can take a photograph of a sundial and the building, even better. The same applies if you stumble upon a sundial that is not on the list. Thank you.

List of cataloged sundials without photographs

Unconfirmed sundials and/or unknown exact location

  1. Opatovac - church (no sundials currently)
  2. Šarengrad - church (no sundials currently)
  3. Vukovar - there were plans to build a sundial in High school gardenlink
  4. Vinkovci - on the city square, link
  5. Osijek - Tvrđa, there were (still are?) sundials near Kugin stup, in the yard of old Franciscan monastery and upper town Capuchin monastery, link
  6. Našice - Elementary school of king Tomislav, analemic sundial, link
  7. Daruvar - sundial used to be on stadium sokol, linl
  8. Bjelovar - city museum has a sundial as an exhibit
  9. Virje - Ljudevita Gaja 130. Sundial?
  10. Reka (near Koprivnica) - sundial from 1977, art exhibition by Marijan Molnar, link
  11. Varaždinske Toplice - analemmatic sundial in kindergarden Tratinčica, link
  12. Varaždin - physical collection of the Varaždin's gymnasium, link
  13. Petrijanec - statue of St. George (currently no sundial), link, map
  14. Petrijanec - St. Peter and Paul church? (only fresco?)
  15. Lepoglava - Paulin monastery, on the south facade there are/were 3 sundials, link
  16. Črečan near Čakovec - south part of the meadow, link?? (visited, nothing found)
  17. Zasadbreg - ?? (asked a local, never heard of any sundials in Zasadbreg)
  18. Podturen near Čakovec - church of St. Martin, 2 sundials, link (visited, no sundials present)
  19. Međimurska Selnica - church of St. Marco, link
  20. Maruševec - a sundial is planned for the parish next to the church of st. George
  21. Martinščica - church of St. Martin (currently, no sundials), link
  22. Donja Stubica - pocket sundial of Franjo Tahi, link
  23. Oroslavlje - science park, link
  24. Zagreb - Arts and crafts museum, link
  25. Zagreb - yard of the School of Applied Arts and Design (professor built one with his students, currently, no sundials found there)
  26. Zagreb - Podsused, Perjavica 25, yard. (not found) link
  27. Zagreb - cloister of Klovićevi dvori (no sundials, currently)
  28. Mrežničke Poljice - near the road at house Baršić (number 12?), link?? (moved to Duga Resa?)
  29. Rijeka - school Turnić, yard, link, link
  30. Rijeka - observing point Štulac above Rijeka, link
  31. Rijeka - Rujevica 3, visible from the yard (reported by D. Pesut)
  32. Čavle - Čavle primary school, link
  33. Kraljevica - on Oštro
  34. Selce - link
  35. Rupeni - Istria, one archaic sundial
  36. Puntižela - Istria, one sundial from A-U monarchy
  37. Rovinj - 2 sundials in cloister of a Franciscan monastery
  38. Svetvinčenat - citadel (probably an ordinary clock)
  39. Poreč - near Poreč, place called Bečić there is a sundial without a gnomon
  40. Višnjan - on loggia
  41. Pazin - city museum has a sundial from village Furlanići, link
  42. Kostanjica - on ruins above Ponte Porton, (St. Petuj? link)
  43. Grožnjan - on municipal building
  44. Novigrad - 2 sundials
  45. Istra? - link
  46. Cres, iStock photo by Stefan Rotter
  47. Mali Lošinj (Lošinj) - link, link
  48. Lošinj - link
  49. Klenovica (Klenovac?) - church, link
  50. Senj - city museum has a sundial from Vratnik
  51. Ogulin - city museum, plaster copy of the sundial from Josipdol, the original is in Zagreb Archaeological museum, link
  52. Pag (Pag) - on the front of the building where the Kamerlengo coffee bar is located, reported R. Pastorčić
  53. Kolan (Pag) - fountain, link
  54. Vrsi - curch of St. Paškval, on island Sikavac, there is a sundial nearby
  55. Rovanjska - church was used as a sundial
  56. Kukljica (Ugljan) - on church, link
  57. Šibenik - cloister of Franciscan monastery, link
  58. Šibenik - Tin Ujević primary school (currently no sundial visible), link
  59. Žirje (Stari stan, Samograd) - the sundial is long gone (B. Horvatić)
  60. Kaštel Stari - Elementary School F. Lukas, link
  61. Split - archeological museum, link
  62. Split - children's village "Vilini dvori", link
  63. Split - near fruit market (trenutno nema sata), link
  64. Supetar - link
  65. Pučišća (Brač) - house of family Davidović, north side of harbour, away from the coast, link
  66. Vis - link
  67. ?? makarska - Brist, church, Župna crkva sv. Margarite, Župna crkva sv. Mare (it seems there is no sundial there)
  68. Orebić - Above the entrance and on facade of villa Fisković (1838.). Captain Krsto Fisković made 2 sundials. I found only one.
  69. Korčula (Korčula) - closter of St. Nicholas monastery, link
  70. Badija (Korčula) - monastery, link
  71. Slano - monastery, link
  72. Rožat - monastery, link
  73. Metković - museum, from Narona
  74. Lopud - link
  75. Cavtat - link
  76. Gradac? - Župna crkva sv. Mihovila (probably nothing)
  77. Dubrovnik - Dominican monastery, there probably was a mechanical clock next to the sundial
  78. ??? - link

Lost sundials

  1. Varaždin - Old town (removed), until the reconstruction of the Old Town, the sundial on the southern facade of the fortress (removed during the reconstruction) was the work of Pavle Vojković from the 1940s. (M. Klemm)
  2. Ladislavec - manor (demolished in 2018), Ladislavec manor is located near the road leading from Zlatar to Lobor. It is a brick ground floor house with an interesting main facade. The walls are open with seven windows, and in the center is a mansard ledge with a triangular gable on which is a sundial. Near the manor are two larger outbuildings, link
  3. Prozorje, Dugo Selo - church of st. Martin had a sundial, link, link
  4. Zagreb - Kaptol, city hall, link