Many sundials were built as a part of a project. Below is a partial list of such projects.

"Sundial" awards by the Croatian National Tourist Organization

Analemmatic sundials of the district schools of the primary school "Vladimir Nazor" Virovitica

  1. Podgorje
  2. Sveti Đurađ
  3. Virovitica
  4. Virovitica
  5. Korija

Sundial park "Five elements" in Virovitica

  1. Vertical sundial
  2. Horizontal sundial
  3. Analemmatic sundial
  4. Equatorial sundial
  5. Armillary sphere

Josephina road

  1. Mrežničke Poljice (next to the road, near Baršić house - not found there, probably moved to Duga Resa)
  2. Generalski stol
  3. Jezerane
  4. Brinje
  5. Vratnik (moved to city museum in Senj)