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Privacy protection

This website is not commercial, but is intended solely for the information and personal interest of visitors. Use is also possible without providing personal data. Therefore, personal data is not collected, processed, stored or shared. As far as the author is aware, the system on which the pages are placed records activity only for visit statistics. However, sundials data also has links to maps (Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Mapy.cz), articles, images and third-party websites, located outside of this site, that have their own data collection and privacy policies.

Use of texts and images

Photos and images on this website have been collected from various authors with their permission. Photos are the property of the respective authors and may be used for personal and non-commercial purposes with credit to the original author. Texts are a synthesis of data from various sources, from oral to written, and if the sources are known, they are listed/cited within the text. The use of the texts is possible for personal and non-commercial purposes with references to the source. For commercial use of the data, it is necessary to request the author's permission.